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Get fit, be healthy and stay motivated with P4 Virtual Trainer.

Personalised Workout Plans

Whether you'd like to lose weight, gain muscle, or work on your general fitness, we have a workout plan for you!

Tailor-Made Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is key in getting results. Use our digital dietician system to track your daily calorie intake and nutrients.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Our advanced goal system allows you to set goals for body weight, burnt calories per week, body fat and more.

“I worked hard to get into the best shape for my latest role in just 8 weeks with Dylan Jones of P4 - who designed me an intense, strength & conditioning programme and nutrition plan to increase my lean muscle mass”.

Kit Harington - Actor, Game of Thrones.

The P4 system guarantees long-term sustainable results with a global outlook of your body using our 4 key principles.

Postural Correction:

Good posture is the foundation of movement, performance and appearance. The P4 Body Scan assesses your posture and highlights any imbalances that need to be addressed within your programme. This will ensure you look, feel and move better than ever before.


Working from the inside out by getting your diet on track will enhance overall performance in life. Whether you're a competitive athlete or not, P4 looks after everyone the same ensuring individual needs and specific nutritional requirements are optimised to accelerate your potential.


Following a bespoke exercise programme will maximise your time spent working out with more effective results. P4's evaluation process ensures that your personalised programme is suited specifically for you and your goals which means that you don't just get great results - you keep them for life!


Your body needs to have the correct hormonal balance in order to function at its optimum. P4's holistic lifestyle evaluation and coaching will review everyday stresses that may have built up in your system, in order to help identify causes, rebalance the body for exercise, increase energy and promote long-term wellness.

All programmes now fully integrated with the FITBIT Activity Tracker

Everything you need to get started -
You'll even have your own personal coach.

Sign up today and unlock a range of useful tools that will guide,
motivate and help you through your programme with real P4 fitness
experts at hand to coach you remotely every step of the way.

Exercise Plans
  • Club workout plans
  • Workout schedules
  • Add exercises
  • Workout Player
Nutrition Plans
  • Nutrition plans
  • Advise calorie and macronutrient intake
  • Nutrition diary
  • Extensive food list
Body Metrics
  • Progress tracking
  • Loads of metrics
  • Fit Test (for home use)
Activity Calendar
  • Log activities
  • Real time training schedule
  • Exercise History
  • Workout Player
  • Available on mobile
  • Join challenges
  • Individual or group
  • Compete or work together
P4 Community
  • Fit Groups: interaction with other members
  • Direct communication with your coach
  • Leaderboards: competition
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How it Works

"The first steps towards getting somewhere are to decide
you are not going to stay where you are" - John Pierpont Morgan.

Follow these simple steps and don't look back.

1. Choose a package

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2. Set your goals

Define your goal, time available and where you want to workout - gym or no gym

3. Log in and work out

Access your programme and workout wherever
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