Experience world class tuition from a P4 Coach.


Take this opportunity to be guided through the unique P4 system in person by a 1-2-1 Coach for ULTIMATE results in the shortest possible time.

The P4 System will help you
Look taller and
feel stronger
Boost energy and
drop body fat
Promote lean muscle to improve
your shape
Balance your body
to enhance results

“P4 is the most thorough workout I have ever been
given, it looks at every aspect of your life, mind,
body and habits – just what a workout should do.
The creator, Dylan, is supportive and inspiring,
everything you need in an instructor.”

Flavia Bertolini, Deputy Editor, Notebook, Sunday Mirror Supplement.

“I worked hard to get into the best shape for my latest role in just 8 weeks with Dylan Jones of P4 - who designed me an intense, strength and conditioning programme and nutrition plan to increase my lean muscle mass.”

Kit Harington, Actor, Game of Thrones.

“Dylan's detailed corrective exercise programme helped me get into much better shape and at the same time helped my chronic back problems.”

Steven Murphy, CEO, Christie's.

“Dylan and the team at P4, have been amazing and have totally changed the way I think about exercise. With their personalised training programmes, I stayed fit and in shape when pregnant with my first baby and have regained my figure post- pregnancy. And I love every minute of working out!”

Dessi Bell, Founder, Zagorra.

P4 1-2-1 Services

1-2-1 Personal Training

Your time is valuable and so is your body so why not get a P4 1-2-1 coach to guide you through your programme and ensure that every movement counts, encouraging you safely to your goal with accuracy and precision. 1-2-1 sessions are for one hour; during this time your coach will also be at hand to help you with any exercise or nutrition questions you may have.

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1-2-1 Postural Assessment

Identifying and correcting any postural defect or muscle imbalances will enhance your mobility, prevent injury, reduce painful symptoms and improve your overall performance in sport and everyday life. 1-2-1 Assessments last up to one hour and findings are then used to prescribe corrective exercises and recommendations to help elevate any issues.

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Pre & Post Natal Programmes

Having a baby no longer means waving goodbye to your body. Whether you want to prepare for labour, rebuild your pelvic floor or simply regain your vitality after having a baby, our easy to follow pre/post natal programmes created by our pregnancy exercise specialists will guide you through every step of the way, either in a gym or the comfort of your own home.

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10 Sessions

+ P4 Body Scan
+ Bespoke Programme
+ Nutrition Guide

Talk to the P4 Team


Talk to the P4 Team


P4 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions take place at our HQ in Hertfordshire, UK.
Home visits and other locations may be available on request.


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