If you're looking to: Get Fit, Lose Weight, Eat Healthier, Boost Energy, Get Stronger, Recover from Injury, Improve Flexibility, Be Faster, Boost Endurance, Get Active or Be Better, then look no further as the P4 Team can help. With video-enabled programmes designed specifically for you and regular online support from your trainer you can be assured that you will get to your goal faster, without wasting valuable time. P4 Virtual Trainer is bespoke personal training at its very best, providing a health and fitness service like no other.

P4 Virtual Trainer is accessible from anywhere in the world, so getting the best results has never been so easy. All the benefits and more, of a personal trainer while you're on the go and at a fraction of the cost. It’s simple, just log in and work out!

Using this unique system really will ensure you are equipped to get results at any ability level; working from the inside out whilst keeping you engaged every step of the way and providing skills you will use for the rest of your life.

Working together with C.H.E.K institute philosophies and principles as well as other leading rehabilitation and performance protocols ensures P4 is the most unique health and fitness service online. Continuous involvement with high end training facilities in central London empowers P4 to develop and deliver cutting edge techniques and protocols to stay at the forefront of the industry and  ensuring all P4 clients receive the latest information available.

The P4 system is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach; all clients are taken through an in depth evaluation process that screens key areas of your health using a scientific yet holistic approach to maximise results, which classifies P4 Virtual Trainer as one of the most unique online personal training services available.


P4 simply stands for what we specialise in - Postural Correction, Personal Programmes, Performance for Life and Physiological Balance, representing the 4 key areas that contribute to our clients’ success and wellbeing.


Good Posture is the foundation of movement, performance and appearance. The P4 Body Scan checks your posture and highlights any imbalances that need to be corrected as a part of your training. This will make make you look and feel better as well as improve the way you move.


Everybody is different so following a bespoke training programme designed specifically for your body type and goals will maximise the time spent training and get you to success, fast. P4's evaluation process ensures that you are advised correctly and all areas of your health are considered to ensure that you don't just get great results - you keep them for life.  


By working from the inside out and getting your diet on track will contribute to improved overall performance for life. Whether you are a competitive runner, new mother or recovering from an operation, P4 treats everyone like athletes ensuring individual needs and specific bio-motor abilities are considered for the best results.


Your body needs to have the right balance in order to function at its optimum. P4's holistic evaluation of your health will review all aspects of your lifestyle ensuring that the everyday stresses built up in your system are rebalanced in order to prepare the body for exercise, achieving better results as well as promoting long-term wellness.  


P4 Virtual Trainer programmes are completely bespoke for each individual but the process remains the same for all, with 3 easy steps to follow:

Choose Your Training Package – Core or Transformer

Complete the P4 Body Scan – Program designed from results

Access on the go – With online support from your trainer

£89 per month



P4 Virtual Trainer is perfect for anyone who is serious about getting results and wants to get in shape, improve individual sports performance or recovering from injury and looking for ultimate personal training at an affordable rate, wherever you are in the world.

Dylan Jones - Founder of P4 describes how this unique online system was born.

"I have been fortunate enough to have met and trained some of the most successful and respected professionals in the world and a high level of expectations come with the privilege, especially when it involves something as important as their health and fitness. It is a huge responsibility to deliver excellence and it requires careful planning to ensure you get it right and that each client achieves their desired results."

"Meeting such a consistently high standard requires clients to follow a tailored programme and incorporate specific recommendations into their every day routine. For the majority of the time this worked perfectly until my clients were out of the country either with work or travelling as the level of consistency with training, diet and motivation were effected. This one step forward, two steps back approach was extremely frustrating for both myself and the client so I decided to create a


system that would encompass all the same benefits you would get by physically being with a trainer but make it available online."

"Having the ability to access your bespoke video enabled programme, log sessions and get nutritional guidance from your trainer who is also at hand to answer any questions online wherever you are in the world seemed invaluable and that’s when P4 was born."

"Since then P4 has improved the overall quality of my clients’ journey and encourages a more motivated and interactive approach, promoting better results while maintaining the highest standard of service which I have always delivered. It has also allowed me to deliver my skills to a much wider audience which means I now get to meet and help transform the body's of even more amazing people!"


Sign up for a FREE 7 day trial to experience how the system works and view some of the many features that will be available.



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