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Win the latest UP24 Wristband by Jawbone™

P4 Virtual Trainer is evolving and we would like you to have a part in helping us develop the ultimate online training experience. So we have put together a short questionnaire which we hope you can fill in and help us on our quest to provide you with the type of products and services you want. As a thank-you to everyone who takes part in our survey we are entering all into a prize draw for a chance to win one of the latest UP24 wristbands from Jawbone™ worth £124.99.

Get the body of your dreams - online!

Personal training, a service for the rich, famous and those with loads of time on their hands, right? Wrong! Personal training is continuing to go from strength to strength providing those with little confidence or know how with the skills and info they need to get results, fast.

A trainers perspective

Linda Jones Explains How P4 Works For Her. When Dylan first approached me about becoming a 'virtual trainer' on his newly formed P4 site I must admit I was a little dubious. I have been a personal trainer for nearly 7 years and all I have ever known and understood was one to one training, physically with my clients in the same room.