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25 DEC
Dylan Jones
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How to beat the 4 O'clock slump

Q.  Why should we exercise at lunchtime and will it help the 4 O'clock slump?


A.  Exercising during the day, especially at lunchtime, generally gives you greater potential to burn fat in the session. Insulin sensitivity is at its highest earlier in the day as well as during exercise and triggers the release of fatty acids for fuel. Your post workout meal is also more likely to be efficiently processed by the body by transporting nutrients directly to the muscles reducing the chances of storing on the waistline and lowering the amount of insulin being released. Due to this process the blood sugar levels will not peak suddenly, minimising the drop off (slump) in the afternoon and keeping you energized for longer.

Q.  What are the benefits of getting out in your lunch hour?


A. Getting out to the gym or even for a walk in your lunch break gives you that personal time to yourself away from the office to unwind and regenerate during the day leaving you more focused when you return increasing your productivity and alertness.

Q.  Is it better to train at lunch or after work/before work?


A.  It is always better to train earlier in the day due to a number of reasons. The main ones are better energy levels and the cortisol effect in the body. Energy levels are at their highest during light hours as melatonin levels are suppressed which makes you feel more energetic. Cortisol is a hormone released in the body to deal stress that moves up and down at varied levels during a full circadian cycle (24 hours) which effects the body amongst other things by going into fat storage mode. Cortisol levels naturally reduce at night which puts the body back into a good harmonious state to prepare for recovery when you sleep, if you train too close to this point you will increase cortisol and reverse this process.

Q.  What specific exercises should you be doing to boost your energy levels?


A.  Zone exercises ­Chakra based exercises help energize the body by working in zones that are related to various functions of health and can be done in the comfort of your own home or office such as Lunges, resistance band rows, breathing squats and tummy vacuums.

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Dylan Jones
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