News : 7 Ways to Change Your Body - For the best! News : 7 Ways to Change Your Body - For the best!


10 DEC
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7 Ways to Change Your Body - For the best!

Fed up with not getting results or having no time to workout? Don’t despair! Living a healthier lifestyle, looking your best and feeling great doesn’t have to be a chore or take too much time out of your day – Just follow these simple steps to change your body – For the best… 


1. Posture: Stand or sit tall and draw your belly button in. This will instantly add height and take weight off your appearance. By drawing your shoulder blades down and back will not only lift your bust but will make you feel more energised and confident.

2. Stretch: Take 3-5 minutes every night before you go to bed to stretch any tight muscles. Typically these will be hamstrings, hip flexors (front of your hips), chest and neck. Tight muscles over a prolonged period of time can effect how you look and feel. Not only will stretching encourage lovely long, lean muscle but it will also improve the quality of your sleep too. 

3. Sleep: Get more! Most of us are simply not getting enough quality sleep. Sleep is such an important part of weight loss and muscle development /toning it’s the time when all the repair and recovery happens. If you are tired, your body becomes fatigued and reduces its efficiency at burning fat and seeing the best results from your training. 

4. Hydrate: Dehydration causes water retention and therefore encourages bloating, which can leave us looking 'puffy' and swollen. A quick and simple way of looking instantly better is to ensure you are drinking enough quality, filtered water steadily, throughout the day at least 8 large glasses and that doesn’t include fizzy soft drinks or coffee!

5. Take time out: The body does what the mind says so a stressed, worn out mind means the same for our physique. Taking 5-10 minutes each and every day away from work, people, phones, computers as this will give you chance to clear the cobwebs and 're- set’. Why not go for a walk in your lunch break or find a quiet corner to work on some deep meditative breathing. 

6. Boost your good fats: Increasing our intake of omega 3 is super fast way of looking and feeling incredible. Great for energy, skin, hair and pretty much every function in our body, the powerful and natural anti- inflammatory will help shift any unwanted weight and leave you looking full of vitality. 

7. Move for 20 minutes a day: You don't need an expensive gym membership or any equipment to exercise. Simply taking 20 minutes per day to go for a walk or do a simple body weight programme will increase circulation and drive up your metabolism in a very short amount of time. Why not try some squats, lunges, pushups and a plank for 60 seconds each, 4 rounds to get you going? 

If you have any questions regarding any of the above topics or just want to share your experiences with any of the above then comment below -Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question! 

Or If you would prefer some time with a P4 Coach to go over some finer points regarding this or any other health & fitness related questions or to discuss your progress in detail then why not book in for a FREE fitness plan evaluation call by clicking here; 





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