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19 APR
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Jo's Success with P4

For so long I had wanted, no, needed a trainer but time constraints and financial implications meant that it just wasn’t realistic. I have always gone to the gym and been through bouts of running outside but no matter what I did I just didn’t seem to get anywhere and very quickly got bored and gave up. This is why P4 has changed my life, It has quiet literally enabled me to access some of the world’s best trainers and their advice at fraction of the cost of seeing a PT at my local gym and it fits into my diary around my work schedule perfectly allowing me to keep the consistency of my training.  

Dylan is not what you think a personal trainer to be. Sure he looks the part but I never once felt judged or ridiculed for my lifestyle and where I was going wrong. There was never any bullying just fantastic, useable and clear instructions on how to put it all right and move forward with what I have always dreamt of, finally seeing results!

After my initial assessment (all done online) I was able to access my personalised programme with video instruction on my iPad and can take it with me to the gym or train at home. Being with P4 has become more than just online training, it's like a having training partner with me to record and monitor my progress. Only 3 weeks in and I felt like a different person and the re testing at 6 weeks has proved me right. I have lost 3kg in weight, dropped 5% body fat and have far less back pain than ever before.


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P4 is a long term solution for me as they constantly tweak your goals, encouraging a stronger, happier and more confident you. I strongly advise anyone who has ever felt lost at their gym or simply needs some guidance for home training to sign up. Its revolutionary!

Jo Taylor

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The P4 Team collectively, is a group of highly skilled health & fitness experts equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the very best out of their clients by going that extra mile to ensure the highest level of service is reached with satisfaction guaranteed.