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18 JUN
Online Training
Linda Jones
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Get the body of your dreams - online!

Personal training, a service for the rich, famous and those with loads of time on their hands, right? Wrong! Personal training is continuing to go from strength to strength providing those with little confidence or know how with the skills and info they need to get results, fast.


Everyone aspires to a better them. Most people do even if they are not ready to admit it yet. The main problem however is what way to go about it. It’s all too easy to pop along to your local gym or health centre and sign on the 'tie me in for a year' dotted line, but then what? Maximising your time and financial investment are two key areas that will ensure success, along with having the option of working around your already busy schedule and the hottest way in which to do that right now is by training online!


One of the biggest reasons for people not investing in a personal trainer even though they admit their health would benefit from it is the cost.  Professional, high standard one to one sessions in London can set you back anywhere in the region of £80-250 per hour. If you think about how many sessions you will need per week, then the number per month etc. it soon mounts up and for the average individual the current economic climate just won’t allow it. But there’s no getting away from the thinking that health is our wealth and with lifespans increasing, it’s more important than ever to stay strong and healthy in preparation for it.


So, even though the number one concern for investing in personal training was the cost, it’s thought that out of all those who bought and paid for a gym membership, 80% never actually went to the gym. That’s a grand total of £37million each year us Brits waste on unused gym memberships! This is great news for big gym bosses but not so good for your bank balance or your waistline!  On a positive note however, its recently been shown that with new gym memberships up by around 8% between 2012 and 2013, its clear we as a nation, are still keen to improve not just how we look but how we feel.


So how can online training help me?  We all know by now that the Internet or World Wide Web as originally named is an ever-growing portal providing a continuous stream of new and exciting ways to reach and connect with people. But how do we make this work for us? By 'us' I mean those who have a message or product and those who want to hear about it. In December 1995 only 0.04% of the worlds population used the Internet but by December 2012 35.7% did. In Europe alone, between 2000-2012 the Internet saw an incredible growth in users of around 393.4%. The potential is very exciting indeed. 


The possibilities are endless and those who can see this are the ones who continue to succeed in supply and demand or the other way around if you are the one buying. The Internet is booming and with it are those who choose to jump on the bandwagon for the ride in cyber space! It changed forever how we communicate and do business, allowing specialist skill set to reach more people, faster.


So where does training and the Internet infuse? This is the exciting bit. Online training provided by a leading personal trainer fills the gap in the fitness industry, which is currently staring at us, where people need the help and guidance to do what’s right but also want the motivation, challenge and accountability to ensure it all happens when it should. If you are reading this you already have the equipment, knowledge and understanding to sign up, log in and use online training, its that easy.


But where’s the personal I hear you say? Well, the beauty of a well run online training company is that it will provide you with a bespoke programme and all the help you need to actually use it, and with live chat continuing to be a growing, accessible business trend, your trainer is only a click away. Other benefits include cutting out the 'middle man' greatly reducing the cost for you and your trainer, being able to train when you like without risking a hefty cancellation fee should you need to cancel and being able to keep track of and have access to your progress session by session.


So what does the future hold for online training and us? It will not replace the benefit and luxury of having your very own personal trainer physically with you but it will most definitely provide the same quality service and results for those who may never have been able to access such a service and with smart phones and iPads now a firm staple of most peoples trip to the gym, why not try it out for yourself? Its simple, just log on and work out!


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Linda Jones
Linda is renowned for her motivational training, achieving amazing results for her clients through her detailed knowledge and exceptional commitment. Linda has written various articles on nutrition, lifestyle, functional fitness and pre/ post-natal training in many leading publications.