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24 APR
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A trainers perspective

Linda Jones Explains How P4 Works For Her.


When Dylan first approached me about becoming a 'virtual trainer' on his newly formed P4 site I must admit I was a little dubious. I have been a personal trainer for nearly 7 years and all I have ever known and understood was one to one training, physically with my clients in the same room.

It didn’t take long however to fully understand P4's powerful potential when it comes to reaching more clients fast. I fell in love with the whole idea and quickly got involved in new client assessments; programme design and client weekly check ins.  

Training clients on the gym floor is rewarding but it limits your time for each individual meaning they get the best of your for that 1 hour but often don’t hear anything from you until the next session. Being a P4 trainer allows me to arm my clients with all they need to know so they can empower themselves. I can monitor their progress and document their results ensuring they achieve all they set out to do so as well as being on hand at any time for help and advice.

It has also crossed over to my existing clients who continue to see me every week using P4 instead as a way of being able to do additional sessions especially when they are travelling, preventing any set backs or regressions in progress. It really is seamless and an incredible tool in my arsenal of ways ensuring my clients are happy, healthy and getting the body they deserve.

The world is changing all around us and with it how we work so its extremely exciting that we are breathing new life into the world of health and fitness and finally bringing life changing direction to those who never dreamt they would be able to access it!

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P4 Team
The P4 Team collectively, is a group of highly skilled health & fitness experts equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the very best out of their clients by going that extra mile to ensure the highest level of service is reached with satisfaction guaranteed.