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01 MAY
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Thanks to all who took part

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in Monday nights first live and online question and answer session. We hope you are now clearer on any health, training and nutrition issue you were experiencing.

We will be releasing the date and host of our second session very soon, follow us on Facebook to find out when and take part.

A quick message from Linda:


Hi Guys, thanks for all your questions on Monday evening it was great chatting to you all. I'm scheduled to be back again for another hour Q&A session next month, so please keep an eye on Facebook for upcomming events. In the meantime please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the P4 team via our website at if you need assistance with anything. Also please let your friends and colleagues know all about these events and encourage them all to give P4 Virtual Trainer a 'Like' on Facebook.


For those of you that missed the event, please see a selection of Monday night's discussions:


Q. Hi Linda, I am currently unable to train due to a knee injury but do you have any suggestions on upper body work outs I can do to keep me going till I'm fully recovered as I like to keep active and currently doing no exercise. Thank you x


A. Hi Hazal, sorry to hear about your injury, i hope its on the mend! Depending on whether or not you can weight bear (stand on it) theres lots you can do. Having access to a gym will be great here as using cables will greatly benefit you, not only upper body but also core stability. Doing some sitting lat pull downs (sitting on a ball pulling both cables down towards you), single arm cable pulls (standing in a split stance pulling one cable in towards you horizontally) as well as dumbbell bent over rows (bent over rowing both arms in toward you) and dumbbell overhead press (pressing both hands up above your head) will go towards a very lovely, toned upper body. Try not to over work any one area though (have a rest day in between this) and take advantage of doing some mat core work. You could also do a pilates session but make sure your teacher knows about your injury. Taking a really good fish oil (omega 3) supplement can also help your knee! Hope it goes well Linda :)



Q. Hi Linda, What's the best cardio exercise for interval training? I love skipping but recently I've always had a headache afterwards from the impact. Sprints get boring! I usually work out at home or in the park with limited equipment. Thank you!


A. Hi Kate, thanks for the question If its an impact issue try fast prisoner squats (wide legs, hands behind your neck, fast paced squatting) or mountain climbers, inclined on a park bench (press up position jumping one leg in and then the other, fast!) Using as many muscles as possible keeping heart rate up beyond a certain rate counts as cardio so you could even try some crawling type movements along the grass on your hands and feet (if your back is injury free and your core strong) tough but very effective! Have fun! Linda : )



Q. Hello Linda .. What are some good home exercises I could do to help achieve my target of gaining more muscle mass, tone and size even when I am at home rather than the gym?? Thanks 


A. Hi Andrew, if you are wanting to gain muscle without the use of weights, id take advantage of working on your 'big bang for your buck' strength movements. Some great examples are pull-ups (you can get a bar to fit at home but please take extra care when using these) and press ups (try single leg if they are getting too easy). On days you cannot get to the gym why not try a plyometric session? This would involve squat jumps or prisoner jumps, clap press ups, skipping and mountain climbers (press up position jumping one leg in towards you and back out, alternating repeatedly) doing this once per week will work on your anaerobic capacity and overall strength, in time helping muscle development and body fat reduction. Have fun! Linda




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