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28 JAN
Dylan Jones
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Train in the morning for optimal results

Although humans don’t effectively hibernate like animals in winter, we do experience similar characteristics theoretically related to our genetic background as mammals. These include a slower metabolism, increased body fat stores and general fatigue and tiredness as the body prepares to survive the cold months ahead. These changes in the body have also been linked to decreased amounts of vitamin D (produced by the skin on exposure to sunlight), commonly known as season affective disorder (SAD) and can be treated with light therapy.

Our sleep and wake cycles are also regulated by light and when daylight fades melatonin is produced in the body and makes us feel sleepy. In the morning when it starts to get light again the production of melatonin is suppressed and makes us feel more awake and energetic. Training in the morning will allow you to get the maximum out of your sessions without feeling fatigued beforehand!
Keep workouts short:
Due to reduced levels of motivation in the winter it is good to keep workouts short but more intense, this will mean you are less likely to skip a session and can fit it in while there is still some daylight and energy levels are at their best.
Try a Tabata 4 minute workout, a system that has been reported to be more effective on improving general cardiovascular fitness than 1 hour of steady pace cycling or jogging. Using 2 exercises at high intensity such as Burpees and Jumping Jacks with a 20 second work to 10 second rest ratio will not only speed up your metabolism but continue to burn fat for up to 72hrs post exercise. Ensure that you warm up properly to get the body ready for this level of intensity and prepare with some dynamic stretches specific to the movements you will use in the session.

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Dylan Jones
Dylan is the founder of P4 and one of the most sought after trainers in his field, having trained a host of celebrities and successful business professionals. He has been a consultant for various leading publications, including; Men's Health, Women's Health, Body Fit, Cosmopolitan magazine's and Metro Newspaper.