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15 JAN
Men's Health Tips
Dylan Jones
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Dylan's Top 10 Health Tips For Men

It's all about the guys this week and to celebrate men's fashion week and all things gentlemen, we have put together our top 10 tips for optimal, male specific health. 


1. Get to the Heart of Things


It’s not unknown that many men suffer with silent or undiagnosed heart conditions, which for some, can be ticking time bombs. The idea that 'it will never happen to me' is common but sadly, fatal heart disease is still up there in the top 3 killers amongst men in the U.K. Eating a balanced diet, allowing for treats such as sugar and saturated fat only on occasions and taking part in as little as 20 minutes of daily activity are all long term ways to help fend off any nasty surprises for you and your loved ones.


2. Stretch


Tight muscles over a long period of time can lead to postural imbalances and strain on areas such as your back. No one likes to be holed up in bed or worse, unable to work or train due to injury. You’ve heard it all before and would rather skip to the good bit, but stretching doesn’t need to be a bore. Active 'movement prep' type stretches prior to working out can be performance related and really help get your heart rate up.


3. Eat Your Greens


And red, and purple, and orange! Your fridge should resemble that of a culinary rainbow for maximum health and vitality. Each 'colour' in fruit and vegetables provides the body with a different benefit, so it makes sense to keep it as varied as you can and avoid eating the same thing over and over. Guys tend to be creatures of habit and incredible carnivores but keep in mind that vitamins and minerals are what help your body ingest all that lovely protein in your steak!


4. Take Zinc and Selenium


Always seek the advice of a professional before popping any kind of pill but it may be worth looking into. Selenium is a powerful anti cancerous, antioxidant that can have incredible benefits on your hair growth and eye health and zinc is linked to your sex drive, potency and sperm production.


5. De Stress


Men often find it challenging to outlet emotion and when things build up, it can become overwhelming. Turing to vices such as drink and drugs to combat daily pressures are more common than you may think. Damaging relationships and leading to worse still, aggression and self harm, not learning proactive ways of channelling day to day troubles can catch up with you sooner than you think. Taking up a hobby, meditating or simply giving yourself 20 minutes each day to read a good novel can all help keep things mentally in check.


6. Don't Resist the Resistance


While running is great for cardiovascular capacity and fat burning, its important long term, to maintain lean mass in the form of muscle. Vital for bone density and a healthy metabolism, the amount of lean muscle we have on our body is represented in how we look, feel and perform in our chosen activity. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to turn to Arnie style weights; simple bodyweight exercises are all it takes to keep you in tiptop condition.


7. Sleep


In our younger years its the social life and long hours in the office climbing the professional promo ladder and when we get older its the sleepless nights caring for an ever growing family and trying to pay the mortgage. Either way it’s tough at times to get enough zees to keep you from falling apart. 8 hours a night is great but what really counts when you get those 8 hours. For optimum recovery both mentally and physically, sleeping between the hours of 10pm and 6am are best. This is never more important than when you are throwing an exercise regime into the mix.


8. Get it Checked


Men are famous for their love of doctor surgery avoidance techniques but sometimes its just best to be sure and get it checked. If you notice anything unusual from the norm such as lumps or bumps, extreme fatigue, feelings of sever anger/sadness/hopelessness or a persistent cough then make that call. Simply getting the all clear from a medical professional is enough to improve wellbeing and mental clarity, so don’t delay go today!   


9. Cut Down on the Lager


Full of toxic oestrogen, larger is up there in the top 3 culprits helping you nicely on your way to a pair of your very own moobs (or man boobs!) Along with looking like you could do with a little help from your Mrs' bra, excess lager can also reduce your sexual potency and sperm production as well as adding pressure on you heart and arteries. Try at least 3 non-booze days in the week and switch to leaner choices where possible such as grey goose vodka and soda water.


10. Connect   


Whether it’s your family or your best buddies, spending time with those you consider your own is proven to help achieve a happier life. Being around those who genuinely care about your wellbeing and who you have connections with on a personal level will help keep all else in healthy perspective. In a stressful world where everyone is trying to 'get ahead' it’s easy to let time slip and perhaps even let who you are at heart also fall by the wayside. Regain control over that home/work life balance and stick some social dates in the diary!


For advice on mens exercise, nutrition and stress management email the Team: or contact us direct to talk to someone now.  


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Dylan Jones
Dylan is the founder of P4 and one of the most sought after trainers in his field, having trained a host of celebrities and successful business professionals. He has been a consultant for various leading publications, including; Men's Health, Women's Health, Body Fit, Cosmopolitan magazine's and Metro Newspaper.

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