Dylan Jones

BA (Hons), C.H.E.K L2 

P4 Coach

Dylan is the founder of P4 and one of the most sought after trainers in his field, having trained a host of celebrities and successful business professionals. He started his career as an Army-training instructor over 15 Years ago and continued to excel, specialising in correctional exercise and sports performance and quickly becoming recognised for his unique work with clients recovering from disc injuries or major back problems.
His experience as a personal bodyguard has led him to consistently assess and train some of the most elite members of the close protection industry, keeping them at the top of their game. He is also a fitness consultant for several leading publications.

Currently a Senior Performance Coach and lead trainer, at one of London’s most exclusive and award winning personal training studios, TwentyTwo Training, Dylan utilises his exceptional skills in corrective exercise and holistic body conditioning. He works closely with clients that have either a current or past history of back pain or orthopaedic dysfunction, as well as clients looking to train hard without injuring themselves. His in depth knowledge and experience in exercise and nutrition as well as an on-going commitment to education means he can deliver key programmes that will transform your body and give you results that last.


You can be rest assured that you're in very good hands and every detail is catered for allowing you to focus on the results.



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