Nicky Doherty

BSc (Hons), C.H.E.K HLC2, ICPKP

P4 Coach

Nicky is a highly qualified sports scientist, specialised kinesiologist, corrective exercise practitioner, personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach with over 10 years experience. This unique combination of skills  provides her with the ability to approach clients’ wants and needs from every angle. Nicky’s approach is completely holistic, pinpointing priority areas and optimising your results, always working with you as an individual. Nicky has worked in some of the best health clubs and personal training studios around the world. She was involved in the important mentorship programme at the prestigious Bowskill clinic in London and most recently co-founded Vita Wellbeing, a hugely successful pre and post-natal training company.

During the P4 Advanced Lifestyle Evaluation, Nicky is able to analyse identify and correct lifestyle imbalances, prescribing advice that will give you more energy, improve sleep and promote an incredible feeling of overall health. This in turn will bring you a step closer to the body you desire with a motivated, focused and empowered mind-set.


You can be rest assured that you're in very good hands and every detail is catered for allowing you to focus on the results.



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