Setting new standards.

The P4 Team collectively, is a group of highly skilled health practitioners equipped with the knowledge and experience to get the very best out of their clients by going that extra mile to ensure the highest level of service is reached with satisfaction guaranteed.

Dylan Jones

BA (Hons), C.H.E.K L2
P4 Coach
Dylan is the founder of P4 and well respected in his field, having trained a host of celebrities and successful business professionals. He started his career as a Army Physical Training Instructor (PTI) over 15 Years ago and continued to excel in the Health & Fitness industry. Dylan specialises in correctional exercise, strength & conditioning and sports performance and has become recognised for his unique work with clients recovering from disc injuries or major back problems as well as writing cutting edge programmes for actors to get in shape for major roles.

His experience as a personal bodyguard has led him overlook, assess and train some of the most elite members of the close protection industry, keeping them at the top of their game. He is also a fitness consultant for several leading publications including Men’s Health and Body Fit magazine.

Dylan utilises his exceptional skills by incorporating corrective exercise and a holistic approach to body conditioning into his P4 training system that guarantees results.

Linda Jones

P4 Coach
Linda is renowned for her motivational training, achieving dramatic results for her clients through exceptional commitment. Linda ended a 12-year career in modelling to share her message of holistic lifestyle guidance and functional fitness, empowering clients to re-gain not only their bodies but also their health.

Educated at some of the world’s top training institutions in both the UK and USA, Linda’s success has proved that training and nutritional advice can be used to treat anything from sleepless nights to hormone imbalances. Linda remains at the cutting edge of her profession by working alongside and consulting for elite fitness brands and is Co-Founder of Vita Wellbeing, specialising in pre-conception and pre/post natal-specific training and lifestyle guidance.

Always looking for new and exciting ways to challenge, motivate and inspire clients, Linda is driven by a passionate belief in providing a world-class service that promotes a healthy body and mind. Linda’s wealth of experience in her field provides P4 clients with outstanding advice and unparalleled success.

Lucinda Meade

BSc (Hons), Hyp Dip
Chartered Physiotherapist
Lucinda graduated in physiotherapy from King’s College London and is expert in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunction. She also has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and believes that success comes from treating the whole person, from the inner matrix of the mind with it’s network of emotional and motor centres to the outer body.

Using a unique combination of hypnotherapy and soft tissue revitalisation technique (ST*RT), she works with our clients to reduce chronically elevated levels of stress hormones, which deplete energy, increasing vulnerability to injury and anxiety.

Lucinda is available for consultation and acute/chronic pain relief at our London base and is at hand to advise on and evaluate conditions online should any ‘Red Flags’ be identified during the P4 Body Scan.

Nicky Doherty

BSc (Hons), C.H.E.K HLC2, ICPKP
P4 Coach
Nicky is a highly qualified sports scientist, specialised kinesiologist, corrective exercise practitioner, personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach with over 10 years experience. This unique combination of skills provides her with the ability to approach clients’ wants and needs from every angle. Nicky’s approach is completely holistic, pinpointing priority areas and optimising your results, always working with you as an individual. Nicky has worked in some of the best health clubs and personal training studios around the world. She was involved in the important mentorship programme at the prestigious Bowskill clinic in London and most recently co-founded Vita Wellbeing, a hugely successful pre and post-natal training company.

Nicky, the Lifestyle Coach at P4 will analyse identify and correct lifestyle imbalances, prescribing advice that will give you more energy, improve sleep and promote an incredible feeling of overall health. This in turn will bring you a step closer to the body you desire with a motivated, focused and empowered mind-set.


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